Emerald Park – Little Things

Emerald Park was resurrected in the beginning of covid times as a solo project of Scandinavian Tobias Borelius and Little Things is their first single since 2019. Released on 11/11/2022 it is the first single from their new album Lovers In reverse which is due for release in March 2023.

Kicking of with synths, a heavy feature in the track, the song bursts into life with a dulcet male voice to accompany the electronic beat. The vocals are soft and gentle but also have a power to them that if needed could really ignite a song.

Electronic beats and funky basslines are the main driving force in this track, as the drums and guitars are relaxed, leaving the vocals slightly exposed. This, however, is not a bad thing as the vocals are hauntingly beautiful and slightly dark in style.

The track is just over three minutes in length, and this is ample time for the song to whisk you off to another world as both the beats and the vocals are very hypnotic and once you start listening you cannot stop.

The song finishes very abruptly adding a little bit more mysteriousness to the track.

I really did like this track, its edgy, its funky and melodic, with super singalongability to it and I recommend that more people go and check it out.

Formidable job!

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