Dirty Mitts – My Show

Dirty Mitts are a multinational band hailing from the UK, Poland and Egypt and were brought together in 2018 by a love of loud, old school Rock’n’Roll. My Show is their latest song, and it was released on 28/10/2022.

I loved this track from the first time I heard it. It’s a classic rock song but with a modern twist, so it doesn’t sound dated.

The vocals are classic rock in style, strong and powerful, and I would think this guy would be just as much at home singing a power ballad as he is belting out a rock number, and there is a grit in his voice that really gives the song a bit of balls!

The guitars have a hint of distortion about them, making them slightly fuzzy and giving the track a certain edge to it. The solos are heavy yet intricate and extremely well executed.

The drumming is frantic and crashing cymbals feature all the way through the song and the basslines shining through really make the track.

The track swaggers and pulsates from start to finish, pace changes making sure the listener is always engaged with the song and the American and AOR influences really show through.

A great track that will have you bouncing around as it has so much energy and I would love to see this energy transferred to the live stage. I love near London so maybe I will catch them at a gig one day! I certainly hope so.

Awesome work guys and look forward to much more from you!

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