Crux – Radgie Gadgie

Crux are an alternative rock band from Newcastle, UK and Radgie Gadgie was released on 21/10/2022.

Radgie Gadgie is Geordie slang for ‘Aggressive Man’ and the song is a grim tale of toxic masculinity and trauma and at just under three minutes in length, it certainly packs a punch.

Mixing indie rock with ska and a bit of post-punk, this is a track that overlaps many genres, and the writing, performance and production really are a masterclass in musical entertainment.

Launching straight away into the track with a funky bass line, the song is high-energy from start to finish. The basslines are awesome and really show through during the entire track, the guitars are dirty, giving the track a fuzzy vibe and the drumming is just out of this world, full of energy, frantic and totally crazy.

The vocals are full on punk and the shouty backups only add to the punkness of the track. This is an anthemic, quirky song and one that really will get stuck in your head and have you pogo’ing around the living room in no time.

Awesome track! I have another one to review from these guys too and I am really hoping it will be as great as this one!

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