Chip And The Charge Ups – Paying Back The Devil

Chip & The Charge Ups is the new hard rock/power pop/pop-punk band electrifying the East Coast and beyond and Paying Back The Devil is their latest track, released on 01/12/2022.

And oh, my word, what a track this is!

Combining alternative rock with classic rock, this is a great singalong track that is super catchy and will get you banging your head in no time.

The guitars are dirty and grungy, giving it a slightly sleazy vibe and the drumming is frantic, crashing cymbals a very prominent feature of the track. The bassline is super funky and all together musically this is a great track. Heavy riffs and melodies fill the song and there is so much energy coming from these guys, its hard not to bounce with them.

The vocals are perfect for this rocky number, strong, powerful, and full of grit! And with layered backup vocals to accompany him, this track really does have a big, big sound and this is coming from just the three of them!

I absolutely loved this track. Writing the review was hard though as I just couldn’t sit still long enough!!

For some good old fashioned in your face rock, please go and check out Chip And The Charge Ups! I am certain you are going to love them as much as I do!

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