Big Rick Energy – Tired Of Me

Big Rick Energy is the new band and brainchild of New York City based Rick Eberle. Rick Eberle is a singer/songwriter who has an acoustic fan favourite, Tired Of Me, and this is an amped-up rehashing of that song. The new band, consists of Adam Solar, Ryan Birkbeck, and Josh Forgione and together they have given it a great alternative rock twist. This updated version of the song was released on 04/11/2022.

I, personally, haven’t heard the original version of the track as I wanted to review this one purely on what I hear today, and I must say I absolutely love it.

Opening with guitar feedback, the track kicks in straight away and is an upbeat, rocky number that will certainly get you tapping your foot or nodding your head.

The guitars are dirty and fuzzy giving the track an almost grungy vibe while still maintaining a classic rock sound. The drumming is frantic and full of energy and the bassline is solid.

The vocals on this track are absolutely amazing. I love the grittiness in the singer’s voice, and this gives the track an edgy vibe. He sings full of passion and vigour that its hard not to bounce along with him.

Everything about this track is simply perfect, there really is nothing to fault!

I will certainly be keeping my ear to ground for anything new this awesome band release in the future!

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