What Strange Beasts – Cat’s Paw

What Strange Beasts are a Seattle based quartet and Cat’s Paw is their latest track, released on 18/11/2022.

These guys really do straddle multiple genres, making them very hard to categorise, which in my book is always a good thing. Who wants to be pigeon-holed anyway?

Merging classic rock riffs with the twang of 90’s indie rock, this song also has the singalongability of Britpop and the time changes of progressive rock.

The lead singer’s voice is phenomenal, switching from melodic harmonies to grittier rock vocals with ease, and combined with the dulcet backing vocals, it really does make for a great vocal arrangement.

The track has great pace, which is kept on time and in tune by the superbly talented drummer and the basslines showing through are funky.

This song is very catchy with a big chorus that will work its way into your head and stay there for the rest of the day and will certainly get you bopping away to it.

Not to everyone’s liking, but I think this band has a certain hint of Biffy Clyro to them. They have quite a symphonic sound, enhance by the use of synths part way through the track.

This really is an amazing track and one I am so glad I have had the pleasure to hear. I have listened to it about six times on repeat now and, if I didn’t have other reviews to do, I would listen to it a further six times.

Absolutely epic track!

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