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So, the first question we have to ask when doing this review is this…. who is The Palfreyman Collective? Well, the answer to that is simple! The Palfreyman Collective is songwriter David Palfreyman and an array of talented musicians and is a new project on the scene.

This self-titled album is the band’s debut album, released on 18/11/2022 and features the talents of a whole host of musicians including, Martin Baker, Matt Hector, Ben Miles, Dan McKinna, David Clayton, Greg Hart, Roger Hanna, Paul Manzi, Jesse Smith, Damien Edwards, Allegra Shock and Sarah Jane Morris!

The album has eleven songs and has a very 80’s retro sound, focusing on classic rock but with some blues, alternative, pop and even a pinch of jazz thrown in for good measure. This diversity really shows just how versatile and talented David is, as a songwriter and as a musician.

This really is a collection of great tracks, each leading beautifully on to the next and each just as energetic and meaningful as the previous.

The singer is a powerhouse of a vocalist, his voice strong and powerful and just at home singing a power ballad as he is belting out a classic rock number. Layered, catchy backup vocals compliment his voice throughout the album, giving the tracks depth and durability.

The guitar work is awesome, sometimes acoustic, sometimes full-on electric riffs, while at other times it is bluesy and edgy, but always spot on and delivered perfectly. The guitar solos can be soulful and haunting yet potent and vigorous and the infusion of blues, however subtle, really makes this album stand out.

The drumming is forceful and dominant, always keeping command of the tracks and the bass section is solid. With the inclusion of pianos and saxophones and other instruments, this really is a wonderfully crafted piece of art.

This is an album that will pull you in, keeping the listener engaged and interested from start to finish and is actually quite addictive. Not knowing what sort of track we are going to get next is one of the attractions of this album and I certainly did not want it to come to an end… if fact I listen to it twice more as I just couldn’t get enough of it!

So, whether its rock, blues or jazz that tickles your fancy then this is the album for you. It’s a great easy to listen to album and should be on everyone’s Christmas list!

I absolutely loved it!

Track Listing:

1) To Die, To Be Really Dead

2) Invaluable Soul

3) Downtrodden Boy

4) In This Place

5) Isn’t It So

6) Once I Was Here

7) I Can’t Be With You

8) Slow Burner

9) Jaded Zone Driver

10) Who Am I Today?

11) Afraid Of The Morning

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