Roger Ricks – Lost

Roger Ricks is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Switzerland and Lost is his latest song, released on 09/12/2022.

And what a track it is! I loved it from the opening notes and that never waned throughout the whole track, which I listened to multiple times!

This track mixes together a whole host of genres from the classic guitar led 80’s rock to the vocal distortion of 90’s rock to the dancing beat of AOR!

Roger says, “Music has the power to change the world,” a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with, and this track really does impact you from the moment it starts.

The guitar work is impressive, switching from fuzzy riffs to clean solos and funky rhythms with ease and the drum and bass section of the song is strong, keeping the timing of the track perfectly.

Roger’s voice is immense, totally reminiscent of a classic 80 rock powerhouse track, strong and powerful with a hint of edginess to it that sets it apart from others. The music that accompanies his voice never once overshadows him and he maintains control of the song throughout.

The pacing of the song is spot on too, slowly down every now and then before launching headfirst back into the sonic masterpiece that is Lost!

Please, if you only check out one artist you don’t know about today, then let it be Roger Ricks. I am certain that you will not be disappointed! Dancing around to the song yes, but you won’t be disappointed!

Great track and an artist I will be keeping an eye on!

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