Nobody’s Wolf Child – Big Bad Wolf

Nobody’s Wolf Child is a project that combines audio and visual elements to create an experience like no other and Big Bad Wolf is their latest track, released on 09/12/2022.

This track mixes elements of many genres, from gothic and industrial to alternative and electronic to create a unique sound, quite unlike anything I have heard before.

Electronic synths create an 80’s goth sound, one that is eerie and atmospheric, and the drumbeats are pounding and strong. Electric guitars are mixed with all manner of electronic sounds and effects, and this creates a mysterious feel about the song.

The female vocals are hauntingly beautiful and add suspense to the track. Evocative back up vocals compliment the main voice and give the track a great depth, one that the listener would feel afraid to fall into.

The song is hypnotising, the vocals and electronics really pulling you in to the heart of the track, unwilling to let you go. This is certainly a track you can close your eyes to and be transported away to the land of the wolves and at about six minutes in length, gives you ample time to just lose yourself for a while.

Dark, atmospheric, edgy, and intense, I absolutely loved this track and I think a lot more people will once they hear it. Leaning to the darker side of electronic and goth music, this track really is a masterpiece.

I want to hear more from Nobody’s Wolf Child, the ambient nature of the music providing an adequate backdrop to escape real life for a while!

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