Love Ghost – Venganza Del Fantasma

Having already reviewed a couple of Love Ghost songs, I really wanted to get to review the EP, and was not disappointed!

A Los Angeles based band they have the iconic pop punk sound of the late 90’s/early 00’s and have included rap and hip/hop to create a sound unique to them.

The EP is four tracks lasting just 11 minutes and 12 seconds and this, in my opinion, is not long enough, as this band is just so addictive.

Not only do the band mix vocal styles by combining clean vocals with hip/hop rapping but they also mix languages by singing in both English and Spanish on the EP. This gives the EP a quality that really makes it stand out from the rest.

The singer has a classic emo sound, with enough swagger to give the tracks attitude but keeping them emotional and full of feeling too. Distortion features quite heavily on the vocals, giving a post-grunge feel to the songs while also creating a futuristic vibe on a few of the tracks.

Musically, the EP combines the use of heavy riffs and pounding drums, typical of a classic rock band, with electronic bytes and synths and this creates an interesting blend of sounds that really are a treat for the ears.

Each of the four tracks on the EP is completely different from the previous, meaning that there is always something new for the listener to hear, keeping them engaged and interested.

This really is a band that should be heard by more people. They have an extensive touring schedule, making them a very sought after live band, but that doesn’t stop them making awesome music like this EP.

I said it in my last review, but I really do love this band, and now they are on my radar, I will be looking out for anything new they release!

Epic EP from an epic band!

Track Listing:

1) Ghost Town (feat Santa RM)

2) Inferno

3) ALI3N

4) Pick Myself Apart

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