Barking Poets – We Will Overcome

Barking Poets are a melodic and bold alt Punk Rock band from London, and We Will Overcome is their latest song, released on 09/12/2022.

An upbeat punk-infused track, this is a surprisingly positive track that seems to have shaken off the typical punk themes of anarchy and anti-establishmentarianism while still maintaining the sound and attitude of a punk band.

A trio, these guys have a big sound. The heavy guitar riffs are backed up with pounding drums and strong basslines.

The vocals are strong and powerful, the singer easily able to transfer the message of the track across to the listener. He is backed up by typical shouty punk vocals and this makes for a very catchy tune indeed.

The chorus is big and loud and will having you singing it around the house for the rest of the day. This really is an anthemic song, loud, bold, and ever so slightly in your face!

I loved the mix of alternative rock, indie rock and punk rock on this track, a nostalgic look back to the punk rock era of the 90’s, while also having a modern twist that means it wouldn’t sound out of place in any self-respecting rock pub of the present day!

I bet the energy of this track shifts effortlessly to a live setting and this is a band that would easily get an audience on their side!

This is a great non-anarchic punk song that will certainly brighten your day with its positive lyrics and upbeat music!

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