Great Time – Live In Philadelphia

Great Time are a Philadelphia based trio and Live In Philadelphia is their latest album, released on 09/11/2022.

A live recording, of which I am not normally a fan, this album is so laid back, its almost falling over! And what a refreshing change to hear a live album that is NOT full of crowd noise, clapping and cheering. The audience must have been on their best behaviour that night!

Great Time are an alternative / indie band comprising of Jill Ryan (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist), Zach Hartmann (bass, synths) and Donnie Spackman (drums, synths) and have built up a reputation as a must-see live act.

Not only do these guys span a multitude of genres, but they also blur the lines between them all too. Mixing the guitar riffs of alternative rock with some fab basslines and laid-back drumming, the band also throw some soul, some funk and even a huge dollop of jazz into the mix too.

This is a band who is not afraid to experiment, and this album really is a treat for the listening gear! All sorts of sounds come through the speakers, from the usual guitar riffs and clashing cymbals of the drums to the more diverse flute and saxophone and all of this is combined with electronic pulses and sounds throughout that really give this band a sound unlike anything I have heard before.

The female vocals are a perfect match for the musical composition, floaty and euphoric to give that psychedelic vibe, but strong enough to keep command of the songs. Her voice is almost hypnotic as it draws you in and, together with the groovy music she is accompanied by, the listener is transfixed.

Kenny G meets Jamiroquai meets Jethro Tull meets Hawkwind!!! This album is atmospheric in places, pure rock n roll in others while also being jazz-infused, soul at other times.

As you listen to this album it is actually quite hard to believe that this is a LIVE album. Not only is this due to the production being top class, but it is also due to the sheer amount of talent that this trio have. For just three people these guys have a BIG sound, and we can understand why they have built themselves up a huge live following.

Overall, this is a great, laid-back album that will soon get you chilled out and relaxed. If this is your thing, then please go and check it out. I am going to check out the band’s recorded stuff and see what that’s all about.

Awesome album!


1) 80z Slo Jam

2) All Red E

3) Flatmax


5) Homerun

6) Lazy Lilly

7) Feather

8) Rushin’

9) I could Be

10) Rah’n Tah’n Kregg

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