The Qwarks – Nice While It Lasted

The Qwarks are a three-piece band from Brighton and Nice While It Lasted is their latest single, released on 09/12/2022.

A fusion of stoner rock, psychedelia and alternative rock, this band have perfected a sound that is uniquely theirs.

The band consists of Phil Johnstone on vocals, who effortlessly switches from a “narrative” style of singing to full on melodic harmonies, a sound that is reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s, Simon Young on the bass, the funky basslines and tones being the underlying driving force behind the track, and Nick Flowers, whose energy on the drums is hard to miss.

Together they have produced a song that is upbeat, despite the lyrical content, and oh so very catchy as it burrows its way into your brain and remains there for the rest of the day.

This song has a very sentimental vibe to it, a nod back to music of a bygone age, but the band have their own twist on it which keeps it quite contemporary and modern.

The track has a quirkiness to it that sets it apart from anything else I have listened to and I would be interested to hear what the rest of their music is like.

Spotify, here I come.

A great track that will get you moving in one way or another. Whether you’re bopping your head or tapping your feet, you will certainly be grooving to this one!

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