The One Tonic – Richest Man Alive

The One Tonic is the brainchild of Salt Lake City based artist Matt Soren and The Richest Man Alive is his latest song, released on 22/11/2022.

Mixing synth indie rock, dark wave, alternative rock plus a whole host of other genres, this band really does have a sound unique to them.

The artist says of the song title, “Years ago, we lost almost everything when my wife had cancer. Even though it was brutal, it made me appreciate how rich I actually was. I had my family.”

Matt had his fair of torment throughout his life, from depression, to abuse and addiction but it was finding his wife and having his family that gave him a life, so being rich doesn’t always mean having lots of money and that is the message this song is sending out.

With quirky vocals, delivered with such passion, enthusiasm, and energy that you could really believe that he is singing about himself, bouncing basslines and electronic drumming, this is anthemic, electro pop / punk at its best.

Electronic sounds are dropped into the background throughout the song, giving the song depth and the synths used give the track a retro 80’s yet modern vibe.

This track is infectious, upbeat, extremely catchy with a big chorus that will have you bopping away in no time! I was, and I was trying to write the review at the time!

Excellent track and an excellent message! Please go and check them out!

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