The Lunar Keys – Maniac

The Lunar Keys are a new four-piece rock band from Guildford and Maniac is their latest track, released on 25/11/2022.

Playing a mixture of “alternative rock and neurotic pop” these guys provide a nostalgic nod back to 90’s alternative, indie rock while also maintaining a contemporary sound.

With bouncing bass lines throughout the whole track (and who doesn’t love bouncing basslines?!), the track combines dirty guitars with crashing drums and cymbals, giving the track a big sound with that dash of grunginess that lifts it out of the pop/rock and into the more edgy rock genres.

The vocals are strong and powerful and there is an air of eagerness and enthusiasm about them. You can really tell the singer is enjoying the experience of singing the song and the grittiness to them gives the track a super edgy vibe.

This is an extremely catchy song with a big chorus, and I was dancing in my chair, writing this review as I listened to it for the fourth or fifth time in a row.

I really want to hear more from this band. They have struck a chord with me, and I think they could really do wonderful things.

Fantastic work guys, more please!

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