Scarlet Joy – Mourning Pages

Having already reviewed Scarlet Joy’s single Queen And Thief, I was really excited to be able to review the whole album. Mourning Pages was released on 25/11/2022 after the band previously releasing numerous singles from the album, enabling listeners to really see what this band is all about before dropping an album on them.

A three-piece band from Lincolnshire, they are made up of Sophia Woodcraft on vocals and guitar, Tom Latham on bass and Drew Moore on drums and the album was recorded at Sophia’s mum’s farmhouse near Spilsby.

Says Sophia of the album; “The title ‘Mourning Pages’ was inspired by a daily practice I do recommended by Julia Cameron called ‘Morning Pages’ from her book ‘The Artists Way’ It is a practice I have been doing for years that gives me so much clarity and I wouldn’t be without it now, so much gets worked out on those pages. It seemed fitting to use the pages as inspiration for the album’s title. To honour all that has been let go of all that has been left behind, the loss of so many people, versions of myself, lovers, habits, mourning everything that these years have either taken from me or I’ve chosen to discard, it has all at some point gone through those pages.

As with Queen And Thief, the album does not concentrate on just one genre and mixes alternative, indie, hard rock with 90’s rock, but adds a more modern edge to it, creating a sound unique to the band.

Sophia has a great voice that works well with this type of music, powerful and strong at times yet haunting and softly melodic at others. The lyrics are poignant and emotional, and this is portrayed beautifully through Sophia’s vocals.

The guitars switch from soft and clean to raw and grungy, typical of that 90’s alternative rock sound and this gives them an edge that sets them apart from other bands of the same vein.

The bass and drum sections are sound and keep everything running perfectly and accurately, the sound being always kept tight.

Placement of the tracks on the album has been superbly done, with each track leading perfectly on to the next and the timing and pace of, not only each track, but the album as a whole is faultless.

Touching on dark subject matters, the album is brooding, epic and intense, while always maintaining an upbeatness to it that keeps the listener engaged.

I would highly recommend that people go and give this great band and album a listen. I certainly am looking forward to what else they offer us in the future.


1) Lost At Sea

2) Rescue

3) Cut Diamond

4) Queen And Thief

5) Enough Is Enough

6) Kiss It All Goodbye

7) Leaving Footprints

8) Golden

9) Another World

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