Pagan Lust – Societal Plague

Pagan Lust are a four-piece rock band and Societal Plague is their latest recording, released on 31/10/2021. Comprising of Hardkore (lead guitar, piano and songwriter), Burn Moor (vocals and lyricist), Rick Brough (bass, upright bass, harmonica and vocals) and Byron Church (drums, flute and vocals), they say their music is a “call to return to that which is most primal within us…to delve into the darkness and extract our deepest longings!”

Fusing hard rock, indie rock, blues, punk and funk it is hard to place these guys into any one genre as influences from all of the aforementioned come to the surface at some point or another during the album.

The vocals are deep, powerful, and strong and are never overshadowed by the musical content at any time during the album. There is an eccentricity to them that make them stand out from other singers and this only adds to the intrigue and mystery of the band. These vocals are also complimented by excellently worked back up vocals which, again, have a diversity about them and can range from layered melodic vocalism to punky shouts and screams.

Musically, I can’t fault this album. The dirty, fuzzy guitars, which play anything from classic rock riffs to bluesy melodies, also add a hint of psychedelia to certain tracks as well as having a grungy effect.

The crashing drums are energetic and keep everything tight and in time and funky bass lines shine through from time to time.

This is a really great album which will appeal to a wide range of listeners, from punk fans to blues fans to classic rock fans. There is a hint of nostalgia too with some of the riffs and guitar solos reminiscent of the sound of 70’s classic rock but the band have also put their own mark on the music too, keeping it up to date and contemporary.

There is a broad range of tracks on the album, and this means there is something that will appeal to everyone, and the listener will always be engaged,

Please check out this band’s social media pages and give them a like. Find them on Spotify and see what you think about this album. You may not agree with me but hey, that’s the beauty of music!


1) Yellow Serpent

2) Eyes Not Wheeze

3) Lucifer

4) Grease Truck

5) ODD

6) Warpath

7) Unwanted Man

8) Mine

9) ROI

10) Woke

11) Everything You Took

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