N4November – A World Of So Much Hate

N4November is a “one-man-not-so-band,” the brainchild of Alex, a Filipino/Chinese musician who was born in Australia and A World Of So Much Hate is his debut EP, released on 18/11/2022.

Comprising of six tracks, the EP is just under 22 minutes long and is the music he wrote at the age of 16 years old coming to life, with the help of musician, Rich Mammo.

Alex’s voice is soft and intimate and coupled with beautiful, introspective lyrics, it makes for some really nice songs. The one thing I will say about this though, is that I think he may have needed to mix it up a bit, with each song sounding much like the last.

Despite this, however, we have to remember that this is N4Nobvember’s debut EP, and he really has done a wonderful job with it. There is emotion in his lyrics and in his vocals, the subject themes of the tracks maybe personal to him, and to be able to portray such emotion is always something that should be celebrated.

Musically, the album is solid, and the two of them obviously work well together.

Fusing emo pop/rock and indie rock, there is nothing ground-breaking about this EP, but it is a solid first offering from this obviously talented musician. With a few more years under his belt, I can see N4November being at the top of his game and making awesome music.

Keep up the splendid work, Alex and I look forward to hearing more from you in the near future!


1) Dear Friend

2) Constant Reminder

3) Movies

4) Half Of Mine

5) Mistakes And Hearbreak

6) A World Of So Much Hate

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