Matt DeAngelis – Change Your Ways

Matt DeAngelis is a 24-year-old singer / songwriter from Southern New Jersey and Change Your Ways is his latest track, released on 18/11/2022. Having been writing songs since the age of eight, Matt has an “ultimate goal of spreading a positive attitude in a world riddled with strife and negativity,” and as I have always maintained, music is a fantastic way to do this.

Starting with just the soft sound of a piano playing, matt’s distinctive voice kicks off this soft rock / indie power ballad. With gentle drumming keeping time magnificently and an acoustic guitar providing a rhythm to sing along to, this track is beautifully and powerfully executed.

Matt’s voice is delightful, haunting yet dominant, never allowing the instruments behind him to drown him out. He sings with passion and conviction and the listener can tell the issues he is singing about mean a lot to him, as he is an avid advocate for climate change and mental health.

The track changes pace slightly, but significantly, part way through with a rap section, showing just how diverse this guy is.

I loved this track. Finishing with a crescendo of crashing drums and electric guitar solos before a few piano notes and the distant sound of cymbals, this is a power rock / pop ballad done right!

What a wonderful track that is full of emotion and one that will strike you right in the heart!!

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