Koburg – Strike Back

Koburg is a Winchester based artist and Strike Back is her latest single, released on 05/08/2022.

A one-woman band who writes, performs, and records all her own music, she has already released two albums, The Enchantress and Position Of Power, to rave reviews and extensive radio play.

Undertaking all vocal duties as well playing all the instruments, Koburg also taught herself to play the cello and violin during lockdown to add more orchestral components!

With a symphonic, melodic, and at times progressive sound, the song opens with just the sound of a piano before everything bursts into life for a big inro, before slowing down again as the female vocals kick in.

The song has a classic sound and, being inspired by her own struggles with myalgic encephalomyelitis and agoraphobia and overcoming the obstacles associated with these, something I personally can relate to, the song is intensely personal and moving.

The powerful and captivating vocals pull you in and hold you there, never relenting their grip on you and the song, as a whole, is driven by heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums!

This is a fantastic track and one that really did take me by surprise. I had to listen to it on repeat for a while as it felt so deeply poignant and emotive. I listened to more tracks from this wonderful artist as I was writing this review and I must say I love all of it.

Musicians, bands and artists of all calibres and genres are struggling at the moment so please take a moment and go and check out this fantastic lady and her music. You will NOT be disappointed!

Fantastic work, Koburg, please keep it up!

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  1. Great Koburg review metal asylum.. Straight to the jugular with an awesome bite 👩⭐️✍🏻 great to see you giving this talented artist the expose she richly deserves .. 10⭐️✍🏻

    Phenomenal toonage 😎

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