Kevin Whitaker – Crown

Hailing from Annville in Pennsylvania, Kevin Whitaker released his new track, Crown, on 09/12/2022 and my what a stomper of a track it is!

Opening with electronic synths, it lets you know from the off what the song is all about.

Mixing hard rock and electronica, the song also has a very industrial feel to it, which I personally think is great!

Kevin’s vocals are amazing, switching from melodic singing to energetic screams seamlessly and with ease. His voice has a grittiness to it that wouldn’t be out of place in an industrial metal band, it is powerful and full of emotion and conviction. He really needs to get a message across to his listeners and his voice is commanding enough to do just that.

Heavy riffs splatter the song as well as crashing drums and electronic synths that really give the track a sound unlike anything I have heard before.

The track is extremely catchy and with lines like “Put your crown back on and fight,” it is also very motivational. I can only guess that some personal issues were used to write this song as the passion that is emitted from the music, the lyrics, the vocals is just phenomenal.

The only “bad” thing I can say about this song is that, at about two and a half minutes in length, it’s just not long enough, although the punchiness of it does have a certain impact that perhaps a longer song wouldn’t have had!

What an absolutely fantastic track!

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

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