I Panic – Can’t Imagine

I Panic is the brainchild of Dutch singer and multi-instrumentalist, Marcel van Tetering. He started I Panic way back in 1987 with two lifelong friends but they only played together for about a year. He retained the name and set up as a solo artist.

A self-taught composer and performer, he was influenced by many diverse genres as he grew up in his grandmother’s record shop sand this makes him exceedingly difficult to pigeonhole now.

Combining classic rock with alternative and indie rock, this track, Can’t Imagine which was released on 10/11/2022, has a very anthemic feel to it.

His vocals are powerful, and the listener can hear the emotion literally pouring from them. The piano sounds that kick off the track are perfect and this mixed with the explosivity of the guitars and drums when they do erupt makes for a very poignant ballad.

With big choruses and a crashing crescendo to finish with, this is a power ballad that is emotive, strong, and intense. The track has an enormous sound and this all coming from one guy is just incredible.

Please check out the song and I Panic on all social media sites. I’m off to Spotify now to see what else I can find from this incredibly talented musician. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!

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