Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat – The Destination

Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat are two thirds of Boston 80’s post-punk band Native Tongue, who fuse psychedelia with modern technology to create a grooving, swaggering, psychedelic sound.

Featuring Lee Leffler (guitars, keyboards, vocals, and lyrics) and Michael Frackleton (drums, bass, percussions, keyboards, vocals, and lyrics) the pair have a partnership that spans decades, and this really shows in the music they make together.

I reviewed the bands previous single, Opposite Poles and really wanted to give this new one, released on 25/11/2022, a go too!

Just with the previous track this song has a fuzziness to it that I absolutely love, and this is created with distortion on the guitars and on the vocals. There is also a swagger to the singer’s voice that just sends the track in all different directions, and this is accompanied by an offbeat structure that leaves the listener wondering where he is going next!

Crunching guitars and pounding drums are still a major feature in the track but it’s the eccentricity of the track that really makes it stands out. Music is meant to be experimented with and these guys are certainly not afraid to do that, as they mix all manner of sounds and sonic bits and bobs, producing a sound that is all their own.

Another great sauntering track from a great duo. I’m looking forward to the album!

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