David White – Pioneer

David White is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from New Jersey who writes and records all of his own music. Being a musician his whole li9fe, he taught himself to play the piano at the age of three and has toured the world as part of The American Boychoir.

Pioneer is his latest album released on 01/10/2022 and shows just what a diverse musician he really is.

Combining Americana and classic rock with hard rock and just about anything else he wanted to throw into the mix, he really has created a sound that is unique to him.

His vocals are distinctive and strong, with a range that means he can hit the high notes while also maintaining the low effortlessly and seamlessly. He has a typical 80’s rock voice that would not be out of place in any of the rock bands at the time but at the same time having a contemporary feel to it.

The mix of acoustic and electric guitars throughout the album keeps the listener engaged at all times, and the drum and bass section is solid, with funky basslines showing through at times.

The album has both vintage and modern influences together, taking us on a nostalgic trip back in time and keeping us in the present at the same time.

The songs are well-placed on the album, each leading nicely on the other and the pacing and tempo of the tracks, and the album as a whole, is done exceptionally well.

With fifteen tracks to listen to, the album is just over 55 minutes long, and is a great collection of songs, ranging from classic rock tracks to ballads and everything in between.

While David does his music as a hobby, he does it with a competence and professionalism and this should be celebrated.

Find him on Spotify and see for yourself.


1) Backwards Town

2) Rainier

3) Nothing Compares To You

4) Lullaby For Molly

5) Letters From Nowhere

6) Monday

7) Okay In Love

8) Intermission

9) General

10) Beyond The Delaware

11) Y

12) Pioneer

13) Dead Language

14) Land Of Sea And Sun

15) Wake Me When I’m Home

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