Annabella – Replaced

Wow, what an absolutely great track!!

Annabella is a Vienna based female fronted power duo consisting of the vintage doll Anna, the band’s mastermind who writes all the songs, and the singer Bella, who is responsible for the performance and the musical realisation.

Together they produce songs that process their own history in a naughty and snotty, yet sensitive and fragile way and they talk about taboos which women usually only discuss behind closed doors.

Replaced is their latest track and it was released on 02/11/2022.

Its hard where to place this pair in terms of genre but I would say they mix alternative with AOR and glam but give it a 90’s yet modern feel to it too!

The track is guitar-driven with crunching riffs and dirty guitars and the drums are strong and powerful. The vocals and lyrics are fierce, telling the story of someone who has moved on after a relationship breakdown, realising that they can be strong without that person, a theme a lot of people can relate to.

At just under three minutes in length, the song is punchy and catchy, and the bombastic chorus will be your earworm for the rest of the day.

I absolutely loved this track, and I will be keeping my ears out for anything new from these pairing as I am sure it will rock everyone’s socks off!

Awesome track!!

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