Tony Lio – Kaleidoscope

Born and raised in Central New Jersey, Tony Lio grew up surrounded by a multitude of genres, ranging from rock and pop to soul and indie and it is this influence that makes it hard to pigeon-hole his own music.

With musical structures reminiscent of the likes of Soundgarden and Ghost and lyrical content in the vein of Hozier and James Bay, this guy does not want to be labelled in any one genre!

Mixing indie, post punk, new wave and alternative rock, this track is just phenomenal. Chilled and laid back, there is an almost psychedelic vibe to it.

The vocals are soft yet strong and full of passion and the drumming is mellow. The soft, acoustic guitar strumming is perfect for the track and when the electric guitar kicks in, it is slightly distorted to give the track an edgy feel. Strong bass lines also shine through.

There are changes of pace throughout the song keeping the listener interested and it ends beautifully with the sound of a guitar solo.

There is also a computer-generated video to accompany the song, and this adds to the psychedelia of the track.

If you like mellowness in your music, then go and check out this track. You will love it!

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