Pullstring – The Only Thing

Having already reviewed the band’s previous track Where It Begam, I was really excited to review the new one from Pullstring.

Pullstring are a five-piece alternative / indie band from Minneapolis and The Only Thing is their new single, released on 25/11/2022.

This is more of a ballad than their previous offering, showing just how versatile they are as a band, but it still contains the same grittiness and the classic indie sound of the 90’s.

Once again, there are dirty guitars throughout most of the track but once the solos kick in this is changed to clean, a contrast that works really well.

The vocals are again soft and melodic but have a certain passion in them that is strong and gritty, and the harmonizing backups are, once again, a great add.

Each verse leads up to big choruses when all of the instruments come in to their own and the changes of pace throughout the song means it is not bland or boring.

Once again, this is a great song from a great band and is highly recommended not only to fans of 90’s indie and alternative music, but to music fans everywhere!

I can see remarkable things for these guys so keep up the fantastic work!

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