Passive Fix – Red Lights

Passive Fix is a four-piece indie / alternative rock band from the UK and Red Lights is their latest song, released on 02/12/2022.

This is a super catchy tune that after just one or two play throughs will have you humming along to for the rest of the day.

The vocals are soft and melodic, and I absolutely love the swagger he has in his voice that gives off just enough attitude. He is backed up shouty vocals that are a stark contrast to his own but are also a good compliment to him and he, himself, finishes the track with some screams of his own.

The distorted guitars give the track a grungy feel and the drumming is laid back, while funky bass lines really shine through. There is the added joy of a saxophone in the background adding some jazz to an already genre straddling track.

Time changes throughout the track give it a very progressive feel and the change of pace between the choruses and verses is done really effectively.

Overall, this is a great track and one I think everyone should check out. You may agree with me, you may not, but it’s worth a listen, right?

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