Mother Vulture – Mother Know Best

Having previously reviewed Mother Vulture’s single Monster Crunch, which I loved immensely, I absolutely leapt at the chance to review the whole album. And boy what an album it is!

Mother Vulture are four guys from Bristol, and they play “hectic blues punk with a live show so chaotic it will leave you with horrific injuries. For fans of being happy, achieving your dreams and not dying.”

The band have been making a name for themselves on the underground live scene for a few years now and Mother Knows Best is their debut album, released on 25/11/2022.

The album is a thirty five minute rollercoaster of a ride from start to finish, seamlessly mixing hard rock and alt metal with a punk aggression and they have a contemporary sound with an old school attitude.

The album has big, fat, juicy riffs, the guitars dirty and fuzzy, frantic and chaotic drumming mixed with almost bluesy bass lines, and the whole thing crunches and pulsates throughout. This is a fun rock band whose mission is to entertain, something they appear to be exceptionally good at!

Vocalist Georgi Valentine has a fantastic range and can switch from classic rock vocals to hardcore growls at the drop of a hat. You can tell just from hearing his voice on the album that he is a great frontman, charismatic and willing to jump about all over the stage!

This is a hard-hitting, high energy and fast-paced album, twelve tracks of groove infused rock and roll guaranteed to get you up and dancing around and its no wonder Mother Vulture are one of the most sought-after bands on the festival goers’ scene.

This album really is a full-on rock assault on your listening gear, and I bloody loved it! In fact, if I didn’t have to write the review I would be up and headbanging right now!

If you like your rock heavy, punk inspired and in your face, then this is the band for you! Check them out on all the socials, I am certain you will not be disappointed!

Track Listing:

1) Fame Or Shame

2) Monster Crunch

3) Honey

4) Rabbit Hole

5) Big bad

6) Shifting Sands

7) Mr Jones

8) Vile Breed

9) Not Yet

10) Put me Down

11) Interlude

12) Homemaker

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