Gary Dranow – (Made It) Another Day

Gary Dranow And The Manic Emotions is a genre-defying musical collaboration, featuring Shem Tate on vocals and bass, Marty Steinberg and Jethro DeFries on drums, Jerry Manfredi on musical direction, and Tommy Mars on keyboards and (Made It) Another Day is their latest song, released on 11/11/2022.

Gary Dranow turned to music to help him cope with bipolar disorder and the aftereffects of a stroke and the result is The Manic Emotions and their collection of songs designed to help people through tough times.

(Made It) Another Day is about living day to day with mental illness, and this is a theme that will resonate with a lot of people. Mental illness is all too prevalent in today’s society and if this song can help someone get through one day while living with a mental health illness, then I think the song has worked.

The song starts with a bluesy vibe that is accentuated throughout the track, combining the blues aspect with a classic rock sound.

The vocals have a hint of melancholy about them, not surprising considering the content but I also think there is an air of positivity about the track too. The guitar work is superb, and the song works as both a classic rock track as well as a blues number.

I really liked this track and I think it will appeal to a lot of people of all backgrounds. Please go and check out the track and then check out the band! These guys are awesome!

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