Studio D’Lux – Light Still Shines

If ever we need a feel-good track full of hope, then this is one that should be on the record decks right now.

A musical collaboration of six musicians featuring Bill Champlin from Chicago, Joel Hoekstra, formerly of Whitesnake, and Liberty Devitto from the Billy Joel Band, the professionalism and experience of the group really shows through in this track.

Mixing AOR, classic rock and rocking blues, this is an upbeat track with a message full of optimism, as shown by the lines; “when you feel like you’re losing your soul, when you feel the loss of a soul, Light Still Shines!”

Featuring the vocals of Bill Champlin, the already acclaimed singer is backed up by a foray of backing vocals that not only harmonize with him but also compliment him perfectly.

The track is full of great riffs and chords and smashing harmonies with basslines and the organ supplementing it all beautifully.

A piano works in the background to accompany the vocals and to match the big vocals there are big guitar sounds and solos and, all of this combined together, the track has a very 80’s vibe to it (not surprising really, considering the personnel playing on it!)

This track has whopping singalong choruses and the change of pace from these choruses to the verses works really well.

This track has a real good-time vibe to it that is full of hope and positivity, something I think we all need in our lives right now.

So, if you are a fan of the likes of Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, Toto, and Chicago then I think you will love this song. Go and check it out and see if I am right!

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