The Goons – DCxPC Live Vol 5 – Live At The Black Cat 2001

DCxPC is a collaboration that books and releases music from live shows for multiple bands and 18th November 2022 saw Volume 5 – The Goons Live AT The Black Cat 2001.

This album was recorded in 2001 during the Goons tour with The Varukers and Molotov Cocktail but was never released until now.

Formed in Washington DC in the early 90’s, The Goons formed a seminal part of the hardcore punk scene, and this can be clearly seen from this album.

Raw and unpolished, as any punk album should be, this is frantic and full of energy from start to finish. Even as just a listener of the album, I can imagine the sweat and vigour that would have been created at this gig. The album brings across all the right vibes and energies from the show completely.

The frantic drumming and dirty, fast guitars are accompanied by classic punk vocals and the shouty backups add to the anarchic sound this band have.

Each track is short and to the point, the whole fifteen tracks of the album lasting just twenty-nine minutes, and there is always something going on that keeps the listener interested.

I listened to this album a good number of times and on each occasion couldn’t believe how quickly the album ended, never once getting bored with what I was hearing, and there are bigger punk fans out there than me!

This is a great album that any hardcore punk fan should listen to, whether they are from the original punk era or have come to the genre later, as the intensity and sheer force that comes from this band is awesome.

So, all you punk fans out there…. go and check out this album! You’ll be silly not to!

Track Listing:

1) White Tide

2) RTD

3) I’m Alright

4) Human Wheel

5) Nation In Distress

6) G.I. Bill

7) Breakdown

8) Young Man

9) America Hates Its Youth

10) Storm Troopers Of Good Faith

11) Hey You

12) Revenue Machine

13) What You Wanted

14) Every Day

15) Ozone Alert

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