Tatum Quinn – Short Supply

Tatum Quinn is a Canadian singer/songwriter and Short Supply is her latest single released on 10/11/2022.

With a Brit-pop/rock vibe and a backbeat reminiscent of something put out by the likes of Joan Jett or Patti Smith, this is a great track that, I think, will appeal to a wide audience, from rock fans to pop alike.

Tatum’s voice is strong, and layered with the back up vocals, she has a great sound, which is gutsy and full of attitude. She is very versatile, ranging from pop tones to indie/rock sounds, combining everything perfectly.

The chorus has a heavier sound than the lighter verses, but it is still catchy and anthemic. There is a certain amount of distortion on the guitars which gives the track a gritty edge, taking it away from the pop genre.

Her Facebook page states she plays “raspy, rock orientated performances,” and it’s the excellent mix of pop, rock and indie that really makes this song work.

And finishing off with the line she does (go and check out the song if you want to know what it is!) shows this girl ain’t for messing with!

I really liked this track. Check it out for yourself and see if you do too!

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