Signal Static – Objects Of Affection

Formed in 2015 by Ryan Stringer (bass, vocals), Gino Klein (guitar, back up vocals) and Randy Camponi (drums, back up vocals) Signal Static is a three-piece hard rock band from Victoria, BC, Canada, and Objects Of Affection is their latest signal, released on 25/11/2022.

Combining hard rock, punk, and alternative with elements of metal, grunge and electronic music, this band really have created a sound that is all their own.

The hard rock elements have been slightly distorted to give a more edgy vibe and the dirty guitars bring in the grunge aspects.

The vocals are gritty and almost punk-like, but are strong and suit the track perfectly, and the back up vocals work well with the lead.

The time changes throughout the track are done to perfection as there is always something for the listener to hear and I love the abrupt ending of the song which leaves you wondering where the music went and wanting more.

This song reminds me a bit of Green Day and the like and if I weren’t sitting writing a review of it, I would definitely be up and bopping away to it. I had to settle for tapping my foot at my desk!

Please check these guys out. I definitely will be as I want to hear more from them!

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