Phomea – Me And My Army

Phomea is the solo project of Tuscan multi-instrumentalist Fabio Pocci and Me And My Army is his latest album, released on 11/11/2022.

An indie, folk, electronica combination, the album is twelve songs featuring twenty different musicians (the “army” is the album title) including Alessandro Fiori and Flavio Ferrari.

There are also twelve images which have been generated by an algorithm, one for each song, and three different videos.

Due to Fabio’s tormented song-writing and authentic approach, he has been labelled the “grunge poet” and this is something with which I can whole-heartedly agree.

The lyrics are graceful in content and full of emotion and meaning and this is only accentuated by Fabio’s amazing vocal talents. Gentle, almost haunting, but with a grittiness to them that portrays the importance of the lyrics with ease, but with passion and feeling.

Taking influence from the likes of Radiohead, Bon Iver and Notwist, this is an album that will make you think as it poses the question…what is it to be human? “In a world in which intelligence is artificial and reality is virtual” are we actually able to answer this question?

Although not entirely acoustic, this album has a beautiful relationship between guitar and voice and each complements the other perfectly. Other instruments are featured and there are also some voice affects as well, which add dimension to the album, but I think even if they were all to disappear, the harmony between the guitar and the vocals would be enough to sustain the album and keep it at the level it already is.

The mix between acoustic and electric guitars works well, each being used for varied reasons throughout the album and the drumming is understated so as not to overshadow everything else.

I did really like this album, the thought-provoking aspect of it keeping me engaged and always interested. The track placing is perfect and the tempo changes from one song to the next means the listener never gets bored.

Please check out this impressive album. I will definitely be keeping my ear to the ground for any new releases!


1. Take Control

2. Me And My Army

3. Unplease Me

4. Lover

5. Ruins Of Gold

6. JB

7. What About Us

8. Run ft. Are You Real

9. The Swarm ft. Flavio Ferrari

10. Perfect Stone

11. Dark ft Alessandro Fiori

12. Look At You

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