Lord Sonny The Unifier – Howl

One thing I love about music is the diversity of it…and the new single from Lord Sonny The Unifier is certainly that!

Released on 04/11/2022, Howl is a mixture of different genres and assorted styles.

The Brooklyn-based alternative band throw in some psychedelia as well as some classic rock, some punk rock and even some grunge affects to achieve a sound that is unique to them.

Citing themselves as “70’s classic rock meets 21st century Biker Club” there certainly is an eclectic mix here. Distortion on the guitars and the keyboards gives the track a grunge rock vibe, but the keyboards also create a psychedelic feel.

The drumming throughout this track is fantastic (an accolade that seems to be missed a lot of the time), the guitars are down-right dirty, and the synths really make you want to get up and dance to this track.

The vocals are quirky, adding to the individuality of this band, and the chorus is big and strong.

This track has a strange blend of nostalgia and futurism, taking you both to the past and the future at the same time while also flinging you into outer space.

Great track from a great band who I intend to find out more about!

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