Foundry Town Survivors – The Night Is Alive

It’s late on a cold, dark, rainy Monday afternoon and if there was ever a song that could lift the spirits, it would be this one from Foundry Town Survivors.

The Night Is Alive was released on 28/10/2022 and is a nostalgic look back at classic 80’s rock, albeit with a modern-day twist.

Whether you want to class this track a soft rock, AOR or classic rock, it is reminiscent of great 80’s bands such as Journey and Asia and could compete with the best of them.

Foundry Town Survivors is two lifelong friends and veteran musicians, Mark Tomorsky and Tommy Johnsmiller, and the band name is a homage to their working-class backgrounds. And one thing this pair is not afraid to do is wear their classic rock influences strongly on their sleeves.

Mixing electric and acoustic instruments these guys also throw in some homespun roots rock and Americana into their sound.

The vocals are impressive and are complemented by the harmonizing backup vocals. The guitar changes from bluesy one minutes to classic rock the next and the solos have that fantastic, nostalgic 80’s whine to them that really take you back in time. The piano work intermingled with it all works well and the percussion side of things is spot on, always keeping the song on track.

I really liked this song and I think it will appeal to a lot of people who yearn for the 80’s sound back again. Wonderful job guys! Looking forward to the next one.

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