TriPed – When U Were Mine

TriPed is a growing, independent artist, originating in London, UK. Throughout the last couple of years TriPed has released numerous singles, but I think his most recent one “When U Were Mine” is the best yet! His music takes inspiration from not only pop, but also R&B and dance.

“When U Were Mine” is a very 80s style disco and pop track. The song remains upbeat and catchy and is one of those songs that you will end up playing on repeat all day! The song welcomes us with a soft piano solo, which suddenly bursts into a bouncy and cheery beat with vocals. I personally love the musical beat in “When U Were Mine,” as it is slightly different to other hits that I enjoy, yet it is much more intriguing.

The vocals are just as great as the musical side, and they both work together exceptionally well! His distinctive vocals are kept low enough to ensure he does not overpower the thriving beat of the song.

After hearing TriPed’s track, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for other music of his. If you are fan of disco/pop, then I am certain you will love this song too!

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