Sarah McGuinness – Christmas Everyday (No More Sad Songs)

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, and who doesn’t love a good Christmas track? With Christmas creeping up on us, that festive joy has begun, and this is one that brings just that!

Sarah McGuinness is a rising vocalist, who has previous worked in film. Sarah decided to re-release her track “Christmas Everyday” and honestly, I absolutely love it!

The entire song is filled with joy, festivity, jolliness, and upbeat tones. Sarah ensured that it is a positive, festive-filled track, that just makes you want to start decorating your tree and getting right into that Christmas spirit! The inclusion of chimes and trumpets enables that Christmassy feel.

I think we can all agree that Sarah’s vocals are absolutely outstanding, with a flawless delivery. Her voice blends exceptionally well with the music and she is accompanied by a children’s choir at various points in the track. The choir gives the track a “carol” sound, and I personally do not think this song can be faulted!

If you are in the mood to get in that festive spirit, give Sarah McGuinness’ Christmas tune a listen to!

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