Rose Spearman – Who We Be

The Dutch/American singer-songwriter is back again with her new track, which dropped on 07/10/2022. Rose is very well known to sing about her own family issues, and things that she has experienced in her life. She has also found herself winning the European Borders Breakers Award and creating her own international music company, M.A.R.S. Label Group.

“Who We Be” is the perfect soft pop-rock hit, and I personally am so pleasantly surprised with this one! This track is undoubtedly a song of nostalgia and conflict. Spearman has previously mentioned that this song is about “being caught between white and black roots and between the USA and Europe.”   

The song has great groovy sound to it, with a beat that will stay in your head all day. The band sound is an excellent choice for this, as we feel a sense of realism.

Ultimately, it is clear that Rose Spearman’s voice is exceptional, full of beautiful harmonies. Her voice is so strong, and she definitely deserves recognition for her talents!

If you are yet to hear music from Rose, “Who We Be” should unquestionably be at the top of the list.

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