Romain Gusty – If You Don’t Mind

Sometimes it is nice to review a track that is slightly different from my usual taste, and this new track has given me the chance to do so.

Romain Gusty, a French born and raised singer-songwriter, has made his return after almost 20 years. Romain begun his musical career in the 90s with his band work, but he returned in 2020 as a solo artist! He has really started to show his talent, and his newest release “If You Don’t Mind” is fantastic!

Romain has collaborated with Marc Bentel to create this country, folk track. This tune is a joyful, eccentric one that persuades you to dance. Romain’s music is very unique with his own sound, which does not stop surprising you. Not only does this song possess elements of country and folk, but there are also features of jazz music. The inclusion of trumpets adds to this jazz-like sound.

The vocals in “If You Don’t Mind” have that country like tone, which I find quite interesting and find myself enjoying very much. The track is quite rebellious in its lyrics, as he sings about sex, drugs, and politics.

If you find yourself a fan of this kind of music, then be sure to give Romain Gutsy a listen to!

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