Munk Duane – Just A Word

Munk Duane has arrived again and dropped another hit, “Just A Word.” Munk creates music which is derived from the late 60s and early 70s soul and pop, taking inspiration from artists such as Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Munk, who is from Boston, labels himself as a recording artist, producer and film composer and he has even won the New England Music Award twice!

Anyway, his newest release “Just A Word” is undoubtedly a good one! The most noticeable feature of this track has got be the opening bassline, which immediately captivates us. As soon as the drums kick in, we get that groovy energy. Then the guitar immediately creates further funkiness, and together, they have created an unreal sounding backing track!

From the moment Munk’s vocals are introduced, I was fascinated with his voice! He includes the use of melodies and harmonies to ensure his voice reaches its full potential! I personally love Munk’s voice and its rawness.

This track has to be one of the best R&B tracks that incorporates funk and soul. I am intrigued to see what other tracks Munk Duane has in store for us! This is the perfect track, and you will unquestionably be mesmerised by it.

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