Mick J Clark – It’s Getting Near Christmas

Mick J Clark is a singer-songwriter, who has been involved in the music industry for more than a decade now! He has written over sixty songs and has even reached over a million streams on the Spotify platform. Mick has always varied his genre of music with the inclusion of rock, pop, R&B, dance, country and even Latin! His music is one that you can never be tired of and is definitely worth a listen!

“It’s Getting Near Christmas” is a 2012 release from Mick, yet it is a good one! With the festive season creeping up to us, this is track that will get you in that Christmas spirit.

From my first listen of this one, I must say I was ecstatic with it, and it definitely gets us in the festive mood. The track has a great swinging drum beat to it, that makes us want to get up and dance around with our friends and family.

Undoubtedly, Mick’s vocals are so pure and outstanding! His voice has such a soft yet joyful tone to it, which really enables us to feel his love for this time of year. The inclusion of back-up vocals allows harmonisations, and almost make it seem like a family have come together, singing along.

Christmas is such a beautiful and magical time of the year, and this track is perfect for it! Even if it is November, this track just convinces us to get into that spirit!

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