Mary Ozaraga – Better Days

Mary Ozaraga is a singer-song writer from the Philippines. With her work starting during the global pandemic in lockdown, she begun to share her ideas and musical experiments.

“Better Days” is one of Mary’s most recent tracks that she personally wrote to help a friend who was battling with depression. The song creates an amazing atmosphere filled with love that just lifts us up.

First and foremost, Mary’s voice is amazing! When I first listened to this track, I was gobsmacked with how good she is! Her voice is extremely soothing and is perfect for this type of song.

This track is the ultimate pop-rock track, filled with positivity. The beat remains catchy and kind of just makes us want to get up and dance to it. There are elements of rock with the rough guitar that is in the background and this gives the song some rawness.

If you ever find yourself feeling down, this is undoubtedly the track to listen to! It raises your spirits, creates a sense of hope, and may even get you dancing along to the beat.

Mary has truly created a masterpiece with this one, and I am excited to hear other future music by her!

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