K I T – When We Say Goodbye

The Liverpool-originated artist K I T, is making his way through the charts, captivating more and more people to his music.

His new release “When We Say Goodbye” is an indie-rock, pop inspired track, with lots of warmth. The track is memorable and includes the use of acoustics and beautiful melodies.

The song has a soft and comforting texture to it, drawing us into the song with a feeling of consolation. The music is so incredible and pure in this track, and I love the rock influences that “When We Say Goodbye” possesses.

Without a doubt, the vocalism of K I T, is absolutely amazing! His voice is not autotuned and he sings with such rawness and emotion. His singing reminds me of artists such as Ed Sheeran and he honestly has so much potential in his voice.

I cannot recommend K I T and his new song “When We Say Goodbye” enough, so please go and give this track a listen to. You can find it on platforms such as Spotify!

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