Jen Ash – No Lover Lover

After previously hearing other hits of Jen Ash, when this was come along, I must say I was over the moon!

Jen, who has lived her life in France, uses her personal experiences to create her music. This results in very important messages being sent with the words that she sings. Jen is heavily influenced by 90s R&B, French and Latin Music.

In “No Lover Lover” is an amazingly crafted track, where Jen sings about a previous toxic relationship. Sometimes toxic relationships are hard to overcome, especially when you do not even realise that you are in one, and she loves to sing about it as it is such an important topic! These break ups usually come with a wave of relief, and you come out of it stronger than ever, and that is exactly what “No Lover Lover” is about.

The music in this track is very relaxed, yet powerful. The backbeat remains catchy, releasing a sense of strength. The main focus in this track has got be Jen’s outstanding vocals. Her soft, R&B sounding voice is perfect for this track, and as soon as you hear her voice, it will melt you!

I cannot recommend this track enough, and I can promise you will fall in love with it just as much I did!

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