IRYS – Borderline

IRYS is a singer-songwriter from Berlin, who creates music of a dark-pop sound. IRYS has taken inspiration from artists such as Lana Del Ray and Billie Eilish and has created a sound of such darkness yet attentiveness.

IRYS experiments with different sounds, ending in a gloomy and haunting atmosphere being present in her sound. Her voice is undoubtedly a perfect match for this song as she has that edgy tone that just engrosses us from the beginning of the song. IRYS voice is something I could listen to on repeat all day and still not get bored, as she is just phenomenal.

The production of the song incorporates a number of unusual, atmospheric, and murky sounds, which add to the element of it being a dark-pop song. The track is almost hypnotic and mesmerising, which leaves us begging to hear more of what IRYS has in store for us!

Please give “Borderline” a listen to, especially if you are a sucker for dark and melancholic songs, and you should love IRYS!

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