The Paris born and raised producer and DJ creates incredible hip-hop beats with his amazing technical skills. In this instance, HURRICAN X has collaborated with Fya Nya and 70 Shine, to create the amazing piece “Galop”.

From the second I heard this track I was mesmerised, the vocals, the beat, the production, every single part of this song is outstanding! The basslines and beats are ones that release a positive energy, making you just want to dance to it. I must say HURRICAN X has done exceptionally well with the track, and he defintely deserves the credit.

However, not only is the production of this song great, the two vocalists also do an amazing job! Fya Nya and 70 Shine have two different sounds, yet their voices blend and run so smoothly together. Fya Nya has the perfect hip-hop and R&B tonality, and combined with 70 Shine’s rap style voice, a masterpiece is created!

All the artists in this song are amazing and this track must be heard everywhere! Please give “Galop” a little listen on Spotify, and you will undoubtedly find yourself listening to this song on repeat!

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