Eric Cohen – A.M.E.N

Eric Cohen, who is from Missouri, US, takes inspiration from his own life experiences and uses them to deliver a message of hope and peace. Eric has had a difficult upbringing, where he has dealt with poverty, addiction, and despair. After a tough time, he found that poetry and music was the light at the end of the tunnel for him. From this point on, music has helped him pave his way through life, whilst in the eyes of God.

“A.M.E.N” contains the elements of a classic hip-hop hit. The beat and booming bassline give the song a feeling of power and it captivates us with it’s catchiness. The unusual keys give the track a sense of unfamiliarity that we want to explore.

I must say Eric’s vocals are great, he really shares his talent through his rap and singing. His rap flows well throughout the song, and honestly cannot be faulted in anyway.

The lyrics are dedicated to God and are very meaningful to him and his faith.

Eric’s hit is available across many streaming websites, and you should definitely give his music a listen to, especially if you ever find yourself in the same place as Eric was!

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