Energy Whores – Psycho Chemistry

Energy Whores are a synth, indie rock artist, who reach out with the intention of bringing politics and social consciousness into music. Although this may seem fairly peculiar, it is an especially important topic, and their music raises awareness for younger people on these topics.

“Psycho Chemistry” is a track full of surprises, techno beats, synth patterns and interesting sounds. The track is upbeat and steady and has inspiration from rock, electro pop and even disco. Energy Whores have given their music an edgy feel to it, with lyrics to match. They sing about threatening their enemies and slashing people’s eyes, and this almost brings about a sense of fear.

The vocals in “Psycho Chemistry” are perfect for this track as they are soft but come across almost passive aggressive. I must say this kind of track would be absolutely perfect for being featured in a dark or horror film.

If you are yet to listen to Energy Whores, give this track a listen to, you can find it on many platforms, including Spotify!

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